What will this babbler say...Acts17:18

Through out the ages men have been called babblers (including the apostle paul)...
Somehow i doubt the day will come that i earn the title as they earned it. :-)


This is Dale Welch's Web Site 

Mostly just me babbling. 

My favorite Computer Language is Delphi (Pascal with A R.A.D. interface... it's so good that microsoft hired a key delphi developer to revamp visual basic).  However, i also know (or at least have programmed in) a variety of BASICs, C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, and probably some others i can't remember right now.  I've been learning Java and Javascript and hope soon to post some code here.

I don't read news groups very often because unfortunately usenet has generally been over-run by people who have no clue what they are doing... they cross-post, spam, post in wrong areas, and generally are a waste of time.  This is unfortunate.  There are newsgroups out there which are still useable, but i find mail lists to be of much more use to me (however, there are some private newsgroups not in the general usenet, such as ones run by companies for support... these are definitely worth looking at).

I read though rarely post in a variety of Mail lists on elists.org and egroups.com. I make a special folder to save code fragments which are posted in those mail lists.  If you don't do this and are not a an expert in that programming language you are missing a great opportunity for learning and not having to rebuild the wheel in your own programming.  Studying other people's programming techniques is one of the best ways to learn.


Dale G. Welch
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